My dear and valued viewers. Welcome to Nobledroid Gaming the best gaming videos, and gaming lives Stream in Canada. Our goal at http://nobledroidgaming.com is to provide a great enviroment for the gaming community to get together and enjoy live streams.


Nobledroid Live Gaming Footage is high quality and enchanting.


We welcome community and viewer feedback on our uploaded game footage videos, and the quality of our live gaming stream at Nobledroid Gaming. We will be doing game reviews, game tutorials and how to's. We will share all the game knowledge with you and help you with any game questions or game recommendations.

Streams and Videos

Here at Nobledroid I upload daily videos and streams so come and join us and don't forget to leave a like, subscribe and click the bell to be notified on my next video!


We also do Giveaways so don't forget to join the discord to find out more!


Nobledroid has one of the best and strongest communities, filled with many people with different skills join our discord and make some new friends along the way!


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